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About B. Allan Mackie

B. Allan MackieB. Allan Mackie was the first qualified teacher ever to bring log construction studies into regular classrooms. For 25 years he has put log buildings into the forefront of both education and architecture, worldwide. He has taught his methods to other industrial education teachers at the University of British Columbia. He established the first ever Vocational Career course in B.C. Colleges. He has taught for Cornell University, the University of Alaska, for Colleges, High Schools, Adult education and more. His particular pleasure is to teach mixed groups wherever he is invited, a pure Mackie innovation. In the mid seventies, the public demand outran the public schools system where he was teaching, so he responded directly: during 1977,he taught 15 sessions (building 15 log structures) from the Pacific to the Atlantic, creating the base for the North American log building industry as we know it today.

B. Allan Mackie wrote the textbooks, out of which grew Log House Publishing Co.Ltd., the first in the world to specialize entirely in books about Log construction. Log House published the first ever log building magazine. B. Allan Mackie established a school to teach log construction studies year round, also the first of its kind in the world. He has carried his unique Flying Instructor program overseas. In New Zealand, he taught eight heavily booked sessions and appeared in every daily newspaper, on NZ radio, national TV and in magazine, launching a countinuing log building industry in that country. He has been teaching at the B. Allan Mackie School of Log Building at Nikko in Japan since 1985 and each September at the school of the same name in Korea.

At every opportunity he uses the media to inform the wider public about the advantages of solid timber, used naturally, for these superior buildings, thus creating an ever-growing market for his students who build with logs. He also has contacts in Europe and Australia and graduates from almost every country.